Maths at Pheasant Bank Academy

                      Maths at Pheasant Bank Academy



Here at Pheasant Bank Academy we provide opportunities for all children to access mathematics, whilst enjoying their new learning at the same time. All children are able to access their need to master the curriculum, whilst others focus mainly on the greater depth of mastery.


With reference to White Rose Maths Hub the children focus on the fluency (worded), reasoning and problem solving in order to master the topic being taught. With the use of the same day intervention, the teachers at PBA are able to analyse the children’s progress and on the same day act upon it, whilst others move on to a different task to further develop mastery.


Parking Lot

In order to further develop our children, an extra same day intervention takes place daily, focussing on the children needing extra guidance on a part of the curriculum, helping to narrow the gap for the next day  




Bar Modelling

Bar modelling is a vital pictorial tool, to help children understand a mathematical problem. It is a way of breaking down and finding what the part of the question is missing in order to become complete. This is now being used at PBA and is giving children a helpful way to access their age related mastery problems and being  able to see why separate operations are needed in order to solve them.