Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar at Pheasant Bank Academy


Grammar and Punctuation

At Pheasant Bank Academy we teach spelling, punctuation and grammar both within English lessons and discretely, with the expectation that children continuously apply their learning within their writing. All teachers take responsibility for promoting high standards of literacy, articulacy and the correct use of Standard English.

It is expected that correct terminology is always used in classrooms. We focus on the teaching of grammar within the context of ‘real writing’ and also through reading and application of skills across the curriculum. Grammatical knowledge is carefully developed by staff when teaching writing. In addition to this, grammar games are used to provide children with opportunities to become familiar with and use correct terminology. Knowing about grammar can help readers investigate texts and how writers use techniques to create impact on the reader.



Spelling is taught following the No-Nonsense Spelling Programme, based around the 2014 National Curriculum word lists (see links below). It is also modelled and taught through everyday English lessons and across the curriculum. Spelling rules and patterns are practised and tested weekly.



It is very much the expectation that children build up their skills then apply these new concepts across the curriculum. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are very high profile in all classes and all classrooms have spelling, grammar and punctuation displays. Children are assessed formally each half term, and children are identified for targeted intervention and precision teaching.




English Appendix 1 from 2014 National Curriculum: Spelling rules and patterns