Views of Our Academy


“I love the art here and I’ve had lots of help from the teacher to produce some great pieces” Year 4 Student

“I really enjoy the topic work as it’s really fun all of the time. The teachers are really kind and very helpful; if I don’t understand something, they always give me the help I need.” Year 5 Student

“This academy is a very friendly place which everyone really enjoys. A new girl started here yesterday and said to me how quickly she had found friends!” Year 6 Student

"The teachers are kind and help me with my work" Year 3 Pupil

"Whenever I have any problems, there's always a member of staff I can talk to" Year 5 Pupil

"The work here isn't really's more like fun" Year 5 Pupil

"I know exactly what I have to do to improve in my work. The teachers are very helpful" Year 6 Pupil

"I look forward to coming to Pheasant Bank Academy every single day" Year 4 Pupil

Parent Views

"Pheasant Bank staff are always willing to listen to my concerns and take action, where needed" Y3 parent

"Pupils receive a personalised education" Y5 parent

Staff Views

"All pupils are keen to learn, always striving to do better in all they do" Y6 teacher

"The school council are keen to make this an even better place for all pupils" Y5 teacher

 External Views

 "Pupils feel safe in the academy. They are cared for well and taught effectively how to keep safe and stay safe" OFSTED Inspector 2014


"The academy's curriculum provides for learning in a full range of subjects and encourages enthusiasm for learning" OFSTED Inspector 2014


"The new executive principal and head of academy are taking a strong lead in this improving academy" OFSTED Inspector 2014


"Classrooms are orderly places, well organised and with working displays that reinforce what is being learnt." OFSTED Inspector 2014