Staff List

Executive Principal: Mrs A Elliott

Head of Academy: Miss P Robinson

Vice Principals:  Mr R Schofield & Mrs L Musson

Assistant Principal: Mrs J Shorthouse

Assistant Principal/SENCo: Mr K Houghton



Goosebumps: Miss Gregory

The Railway Cats : Mrs Musson

The Hodgehegs: Mr McNerney



Kruschmeisters: Mr Houghton

The Stormbreakers:  Mr Whitehouse

The Dawn Demons:  Mrs Gutteridge


Mokee Joe:  Miss Taylor

The Shadows:  Mrs Radford / Mr Ledgeway

The Bonebreakers:  Miss Jackson


The Blitzcats: Miss Aulton

Fantastic Beasts:  Mr Sylvester

War Horses:  Mrs Shorthouse 



HLTA:     Mrs Webb


Support Staff

Office Manager: Mrs Godwin

Receptionist:  Mrs Stenhouse

Administrator: Mrs Horsfield

Office Assistant:  Mrs Howe


Parent Support Advisor: Mrs Simm


Senior Teaching Assistants/Learning mentors: Mrs T Fiddler & Mrs S Hughes

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Ashton, Ms Bryant, Mr Evison, Mr Fletcher, Miss Maguire, Mrs McQuade, Miss Parr, Miss Roe, Mrs Rysdale, Mrs Wallis, Mrs Watson & Mrs Webb


Site Supervisor; Mr D Jerrison

Cook in Charge: Miss L Stephenson


Midday Supervisors:  Ms Bryant, Mrs Debenham, Mrs Eyre, Mrs Houghton, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs McDonald, Mrs Palmer, Mrs Pickersgill, Mrs Ridley, Mrs Salamuth & Mrs Smith