Our SENDCo is: Nikki Scott

N Scott

At Pheasant Bank Academy we are very proud of the support that we offer to our pupils and families, when pupils are identified with a need that requires support that is additional to and different from their peers.

We have high expectations and are ambitious for the success of all pupils whose needs are identified and supported effectively through a Graduated Response process within our Academy. This in turn, allows us to personalise teaching and learning to our pupils in order for them to make strong progress within their learning.

All of our pupils with special educational needs have access to a broad and a balanced curriculum. We ensure that the children get full exposure to all curriculum areas, allowing flexibility in how children can showcase their learning, for example, if a child has writing as a barrier, they are encouraged to present their growing knowledge, skills and understanding in a variety of different ways. Once children’s needs have been identified, we utilise a range of strategies to enable our SEND pupils to experience success. These strategies support specific skills through intervention with adult led support whilst considering the best way to be inclusive, also through adaptive and quality first teaching. Furthermore, we feel it is important to gain the views of the pupil, so that we can consider how they feel that they are best supported. This feedback is then shared with all stakeholders, and appropriate provision put in place, wherever possible.

Pheasant Bank Academy, West End Lane, Rossington, Doncaster, DN11 0PQ

Alternatively, please contact SENCo on 01302 651 039 or via email